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6.0 L98 Ve Commodore: I contacted Phil for a bench tune on the car as well as asking him to modify a couple of additional settings in the ECU. He took care of the additional changes and completed the tune in record time. The car has gained a fuel efficiency of 30%, goes much harder and shifts smoothly through gears. Once you’ve had your car tuned by Phil, you will be wondering why they did not just tune them like this from the factory. I could not be happier with his service. jasonvg (25 25 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2016  Thu 04 Jan

Phil recently carried out an ECU tune on my Mazdaspeed 6 and I am super happy with the results! Phil is a nice guy, great to deal with and extremely good at what he does. He traveled from New Plymouth to meet me in Wellington and came well prepared to carry out the hassle free tune. He was happy to show and talk me through what he was doing and why and ran over a few options on particular items when applicable. Highly recommend his services if you are looking to tune or modify your vehicle.hadls (66 66 positive feedback)  Fri 29 Dec

Phil tuned my 3 cars and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to do it. Good guy with a positive attitude to his work and always good to have a few yarns with and always shows you what he’s doing and tells everything in great detail about what he’s doing to your car. For the price it’s a good deal with top notch tunning and mint power gains. Highly recommended. jugz2 (16 16 positive feedback)  Mon 13 Nov

Phil protuned by MY17 MT6 Subaru WRX remotely using a Cobb Accessport. He was fast and helpful, normally getting back to me with instructions or updated maps within a day. He described what he had done with each revision, and included a virtual dyno report so I could see how the car’s performance was changing. The car now has solid power right up to red line and a nice smooth torque band. Importantly, it’s also a safe tune, as this was Phil’s priority. I’m happy to recommend Phil and Dynotech. adbarr (274 274 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016  Fri 27 Oct

I’ve had my ls1 pcm reflashed by Phil, he did a great mail order tune,,, he was great to deal with ,is very fast turn around and postage, of course the car was off the road waiting for the pcm retune,but it was well worth the wait I’ve heard mixed results for mail order tunes….but my car was dynoed not long after and returned great numbers Thanks to “dynotech” jas169 (131 131 positive feedback)  Wed 02 Aug

I really debated if I should have my GRB STi retuned since it’s completely standard. I did a lot of looking online and found you and your business to be highly praised. Your professionalism, knowledge and great commitment to customer service is hard to find these days. The car has lots more power (extra 30kw atw) and knowing it’s a safe tune and not knocking gives me piece of mind. Also being tuned for 95 makes fueling up less hassle. Cheers Phil, I will definitely use your services again! wrcfan21 (217 217 positive feedback)  Tue 18 Apr

After purchasing a new Subaru Levorg, it ran well but knew they were tame ex factory (197kW/350Nm) so made contact with Phil to see if could work his magic to unleash the hidden talents – and he did! Due to the car requiring a specific tune to run 95 Octane, the car now feels more responsive, sharper and smoother through the entire rev range, S & S# makes it feels like another beast. An absolute pleasure to drive. Would recommend Phil & Dynotech NZ, thanks georgia15 (295 295 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2016  Mon 16 Jan

Had Phil tune my 2007 RX8…. As it was a japanese import.. i was stuck with the factory fitted speed limiter .. Purchased the online tune and couldn’t be happier ..tonyr8122 (10 10 positive feedback)  Tue 16 Aug

These guys did a Skyline 370Gt for me and the results are awesome. Cars come from factory already highly tuned and I couldnt find anyone in Auck willing to retune. These guys got me almost the same horsepower at the wheels as the factory claims at the flywheel, and better drivability and fuel economy to boot. Professional and helpful. Well worth the road trip. Highly recommend ballistics (133 133 positive feedback)  Fri 04 Mar

Only people i trust working on my car. They have helped me going above and beyond to fix any problems and and build my car. My evo was completly factory 150kw now after they worked there magic and built a forged stroker block for me and gave me awesome advice with other mods etc its now running a daily safe power figure of 420wkw with plenty more to go once i go for an e85 tune. I highly recommend these guys to everyone i meet.

Took my evo 6 gsr to phil and I am now 100% happy with my car! Feels like brand new Responsive and alot more power Phil is very professional and has helped me in past also provides good quality parts I would highly recommend him to anyone kieranl292 (41 41 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2014  Fri 20 

Took my vy ss to phil to get xair otr installed & full dyno tune 7 now I have 270rwkw unbelievable it feels like a whole new car so responsive, awesome guy to deal with he takes so much pride in his work I wont be letting anyone else touch my car now, I look forward to having phil & his team spec up the vy even more in the very near future, next step performance cam. very stoked holden driver at the moment THANKS Phil. rjk3 (64 64 positive feedback)  Sun 15 Feb

Took my car to phil last week .he was realy good to deal with .iv had work done from other car tuners before and he was the best. thanx phil! gjt69 (115 115 positive feedback)  Mon 02 Feb

Took my 2008 R8 Clubsport to Phil to check re-map I had done in p.north.After pre check run car up on dyno–was 259 rwkw.Some settings altered as quite a way out..Car re-run again –now 280 rwkw.A very good gain & even more at top end.Good torque increase also.Phils knowledge & service is very professional,more than happy to explain & answer any questions I asked.Well worth the trip & highly recommend his knowledge & service.Good honest guy.Cheers Phil topaz5 (797 797 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2014  Sun 01 Feb

Dynotech industries is a very professional business and Phill is a great guy with an awesome attitude towards tuning. Drove 5 hours to use his service and will definitely do it again! He went above and beyond to help me and my car out. Stoked with all your help, thanks again. snabbit (60 60 positive feedback)  Tue 27 Jan

Took my car to Phil for a tune from Auckland, is a long way to go but with his effort, knowledge and honesty, this trip is definately worth it. The car has gained heaps of Hp and much more easier to control now. Thanks for the great tuned. Keep up the good work Phil !!!!haukong (203 203 positive feedback)  Sun 09 Nov

Took my standard ba xr6 turbo to phil and he done a reflash and dynotune very happy with the results. good guy and he knows his stuff . will be back for more tuning cheers phil see you again soon rb30-et (41 41 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2014  Mon 20 Oct

Took my v7 wrx sti to phil for a reflash and fuel pump up grade, phil’s the man you want working on your car from start to finish he explained ever thing he’s doing and why. Car drove mint as home and used way less gas to I’ll be going back for more tuning in the near future. Cheers phil jahkobe82 (99 99 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2014  Sat 04 Oct

Top notch service and workmanship. Could not of asked for a better first experience with tuning. Done everything he said he would and even fixed a few existing issues along the way. (timing and spark plugs) Would recommend to anyone and will definitely be back in the future for further work!bokchoi_13 (8 8 positive feedback)  Mon 29 Sep

Hi Phil, Drove to Auckland after you reflashed the Avalanche ECU on Tuesday, economy has improved by at least 2.0 litres/100km. Been driving around in Auckland city since and still under 14 l/100km, my commute average was around 16 + l/100km. When pushing it, 18 l/100km wasnt unusual to see 18 l/100km so great job thanks.  jutland (275 275 positive feedback)  Thu 25 Sep

Had my FG XR6 Turbo in with Phil today for a service and tune. Couldn’t be more happy with the work he did. Talked me through everything and answered all my stupid questions. Will be recommending to everyone and will be back soon for more work!!! jamie2203 (7 7 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Jul

I Had my Wrx tuned by Phill so happy with it now it is like a full on new car with amazing response. Phill also identified a problem I had been trying to solve for months within seconds this guy really knows his stuff. Cheers Phill jarelh (179 179 positive feedback)  Sat 31 May

Great service offered by Phil, first time ever having one of my cars tuned and I couldn’t have had a better experience. The entire process went smoothly, Phil explained everything to me as he proceed with the pre-tune check right through to the road testing post tune and he let me observe the entire time. Surplus of parts came handy when I needed a replacement leads and fuel pump. Overall great service, happy with the tune, amazing prices and Phil is a really good guy, thanks again:). ovsar (135 135 positive feedback)  Sun 18 May

Awesome service, i do not know any turner that will let you watch while the tuning process is done. let alone sit in the car and have every adjustment explained to you. Phil does a check over your car before it gets on the dyno to make sure there are no leaks. As he was tuning he found the wastegate actuator to be faulty, rather then just sending me on my way. He was extremely helpful and manage to source me a replacement and finished off the tune. I will be recommending Phil to everyone. unkn0wn13 (125 125 positive feedback)  Wed 07 May

Awesome guy to deal with. Started via email with suggestions of what I can do as my wish list prior to visit. Made an appointment upon arrival immediately discovered I had a boost leak that Phil fixed. Put on the dyno and discovered car was over boosting as well. Sorted tune beyond what I expected. Phil really knows his stuff already have started to recommend to people in Hamilton. Worth the drive. tom_pat (165 165 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2015  Tue 06 May

Drove down from Hamilton for the day to have Phil tune my Evo 9. Had already bought a generic tune from him that I flashed myself, so he improved on that with further good gains and a nice responsive tune. Would recommend to anyone for tuning services, also very well priced compared to some of the tuners in my area. Thanks Phil, will be back one day for some more tweaks hopefully ! tx3man (236 236 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016  Sat 03 May

Awesome tunes, honest and reliable! highly recommend to everyone who wish to get their cars tuned:) top effort Phil keep it up mash235 (63 63 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Apr

Great service, fast turn around, very happy with the extra kilowatts, from the standard 235 to approx 260 @ the wheel, thanks again. adams3 (886 886 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2014  Sat 05 Apr

Awesome tunes, honest and reliable! highly recommend to everyone who wish to get their cars tuned 🙂 top effort Phil keep it up mash235 (65 65 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Apr

Great service, fast turn around, very happy with the extra kilowatts, from the standard 235 to approx 260 @ the wheel, thanks again. a****3 (906 906 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2016  Sat 05 Apr

Excellent job and service provided. Stoked with the extra power and fuel economy. Phil went out of his way and the extra mile to guarantee satisfaction. Thanks heaps. bjjjared (147 147 positive feedback)  Wed 19 Feb

So pleased with results of mustang ,such special service phil was great took the time to explain everythink to us would recommend anyone who needs this done to see dynotech indrustries mussy going great chevy124 (39 39 positive feedback)  Thu 23 Jan

Phil is one of the best tuners out there. Very friendly and has the passion for cars and will sort you out no matter what happens with ur car… Very happy with tune very noticeable power and torque gains. highly recommend to all arkson (415 415 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jan

From my experience I would say Phil is one of the best tuners out there! Very friendly and has the passion for cars so will sort you out no matter what happens with ur car. I had a problem and it wasn’t a common problem but phil had all the knowledge and equipment to quickly diagnose the problem and sort me out. Definitely would use him again! atenza23s (101 101 positive feedback)  Tue 07 Jan

Thanks Phil the ECU is now installed (EVO 5) and I must say its fantastic! The car really pulls now (ive got it running on a safe 15 psi for now give until I get it on a dyno). The anti lag set up is doing its job well as there is no power drop between the gears at all now. Looking forward to using your services again in the future Once again thanks for the awesome work on the ECU jackielee747 (448 448 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016  Sat 29 Jun

Thanks Phil, The Ecu arrived this morning on the courier, and got it plugged and installed before work, it took quite a while for it to learn its way to be drivable but when it was ready… wow what a different car, its far smoother to drive and has a nice big power band through all of the gears by far it’s the best $250.00 I’ve ever spent on a car. so I’d give your service and product a 10/10. Phil also took the time to advise me on setup and problem solving before the tune, awesome help. shadow15 (30 30 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016  Wed 24 Apr

Phil done a stock ecu remapping on my evo 5,Made a big difference,car is way more responsive,he also tell’s you what hes done with the car,he also fitted a new and improved fuel pump and boost controller,great price, the set up he has is awsome,will come back 4 another tune sometime,cheers phil. sub-boy (339 339 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2016  Thu 18 Apr

Phil is awesome to do buisness with, he works in a time that suits you, explains everything in a way that anyone can understand, his dyno is a a grade setup and he clearly has very high standards and knoiwledge in the wide overall automotive range, I would highly recommend phil to anyone looking at using Phil. damienramsay (94 94 positive feedback)  Wed 17 Apr

A one stop shop with excellent service, everything explained by phil to help understand whats being changed and why. Very happy with results, look forward to future re tunes with phil as i gather more go-fast parts! kayinen (89 89 positive feedback)  Tue 16 Apr

Great service. fast delivery. happy as with my tune cant wait 4 retune hopfuly get 280 to 300kw hahaha Cheers jess902 (38 38 positive feedback)  Mon 15 Apr

Ive had two of my cars tuned here both with excellent results in power and reliability great machine and service from phill at a great price recommended to all dridda (123 123 positive feedback)  Mon 15 Apr

Phil tuned my car and it made great increase on power, would highly recommend if you are looking at upgrading and having a reliable tune. Cheers shanadog1 (31 31 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Apr

phil done a great job on my race car i highly recommend his services to anyone who is thinking of using him. keep up the great work phil! outkast2002 (478 478 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Apr

I have been a regular customer of Phil’s at Dynotech Industries over the last couple of years, and have always received great customer service and great results. Strongly recommend titz93 (16 16 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Apr