What is EcuTek?

Ecutek is the most advanced and best supported factory ECU tuning product on the market. Currently supporting an ever increasing number ECU versions across Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Nissan, for both petrol and diesel vehicles, with the list expanding by the week.

Unlike the various Opensource tuning software programs available over the web, Ecutek is a fully developed, professional tuner level software product that has been fully tested and is backed up by international technical support.

Ecutek have developed RaceRom software to customise the factory ECU with additional features such as boost map switching, flat shift, thottle blip and more.

Whether you want an aggressive track day tune for your Evo X or a mild tune for your family Subaru Legacy wagon, Ecutek software is the obvious choice.

Why Reprogram the Original Factory ECU?

Reprogramming the original ECU is by far the cleanest, safest and quickest way of correctly compensating for engine, induction and exhaust modifications. The maps in the standard ECU may be adjusted to cater for virtually any modifications that are likely to be made to a car.

Civilized features such as cold start and stable idle are all retained, whilst performance mapping begins from the (already extremely good) standard manufacturer maps rather than from a blank sheet of paper.

Risky boost clamps, bleed valves, boost controllers and piggy back modules may all be discarded and replaced by a pure and accurate mapping adjustment.

The safety features of the ECU are retained, such as sensor checks, fuel cut, boost cut, rev limit, speed limit and ‘limp home’ mode, though they may be altered to suit the car and its modifications. E.g. if the ECU detects a problem (engine over-temperature or failed sensor), it is still in full control of boost pressure and is able to take evasive action to preserve the engine. This is in stark contrast to external controllers and piggy back modules that either take over control of engine functions, or fool the ECU about the state of its sensors.

Typically prices range from $1495 to $1695 depending on the vehicle and if you own a heavily modified vehicle then you should call to discuss the scope of the work. This price is for the first remap and the unlocking of the ECU with subsequent tunes for later modifications carried out at the hourly rate listed on the dyno page.

What vehicle Ecu’s do Dynotech support via EcuTek?

EcuTek - Master Tuner - Dynotech 2020