Holden Mail Order tunes

VT-VZ GENIII LS1 Maf or MAFless and VE-VF LS2, LS3, L77, L98 Maf or MAFless mail order tune


Unlike some others available on the market, this tune has been developed using data collected from numerous dyno and street tunes that we have performed to provide a significant power increase for these engines.

When used in conjunction with a good exhaust system, typical power output that can be expected are between 260-280kw at the wheels with significantly increased torque across the rev range. This equals over 300-320kw at the engine up from the standard 240-260kw provided from factory.

The results are achieved through the re calibration of both ignition timing and fuel mapping. Fuel economy should not be affected greatly through the use of this re calibration and in most cases an improvement in fuel economy may be seen.

Simply courier us your ecu and we take care of the rest.

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