VW Audi group EA888 engine and DSG Gearbox tuning – EcuTek


We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of support for EcuTeks new tuning platform – The VW Audi group EA888 engine and DSG Gearbox.

EcuTek’s ProECU offers a powerful all-in-one tuning solution for Volkswagen Audi Group models fitted with the EA888 2.0 turbo charged petrol engine.

This release supports engine and DSG map editing and programming for the following vehicles:

  • Mark 7 Golf R
  • Club Sport and GTI
  • Audi A3 and S3
  • Seat Leon Cupra
  • Leon FR
  • Skoda Octavia RS
  • Sirocco
  • Tiguan
  • Passat
  • Porsche Macan
  • Audi TT, TTS
  • Mark 7.5 Golf R and GTI


Typical Results

Golf - EcuTek - Dyno

Great tuning results, get at least +50bhp and +80 lbs.ft torque from just ECU tuning!

Our in-house stage one tuning has produced an impressive increase across the RPM range. Peak power is up from 294bhp to 344bhp, peak torque is up from 270 lbs.ft to 348 lbs.ft running a modest 25 psi/1.7 bar of boost.

Subsequent testing has seen peak power at 362bhp and peak torque at over 400 lbs.ft



EcuTek Fact Sheet – VW Audi Group